No, it’s not strange. It’s Happily Expected!


My friends, do not be surprised at the terrible trouble which now comes to test you.  Do not think that something strange is happening to you.  But be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings so that you will be happy and full of joy when Christ comes again in glory.  -1 Peter 4:12-13

Do you think everything that has been going on is a little strange?  When you hear about blood red rain in Sri Lanka, earthquakes and volcaones, millions of dead fish, strange noises, and everything else, do you think it’s just plain crazy?  You are right.  It is…to someone who doesn’t know Jesus Christ.  But to those of us who have a personal relationship with Him as our Lord and Savior, we are expecting these things, and more.  In fact, we are overjoyed at the signs of the times.  Why?  Because it means our ‘redemption draweth nigh.’

There is only one thing a ‘true’ Christian needs to fear in these days.  Do you know what that is?  I’ll tell you in the form of a question.  Are you doing all you can do for Him?  Are you boldly proclaiming Jesus Christ, sharing the Good News with other people, and taking a stand for God in the nation in which you reside?  Are you?  Because if you’re not, know that you are going to be in the presence of God very soon giving account for everything you did, and did not do.  All of your works shall be tested by fire.  If you did not do the things you were supposed to do in this short, menial, life, then you are going to be very ashamed in the presence of God.  In fact, so much, we can’t even begin to imagine the weight we will feel upon our heads.

So think about this. Even if Jesus doesn’t come back in the next few months, or in the next few years, you never know when your last moment on this earth might occur.  Are you ready in every way possible?  Jesus was bold!  Therefore, be bold like Jesus!  He is our motto.  Stand for truth, and stand on the Word of God, and you can never go wrong.

Are You Brokenhearted?

If you answered ‘yes’ to that question, then I have some good news for you today!  A wise man came up to me, and he said, “Tell all those who are sad, depressed, discouraged, dismayed, lonely, and greiving this:

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.  -Psalm 147:3

What Does Jesus Look Like To You?

Which Picture Looks More Like Jesus?

cometojesusWhen I see Jesus, I don’t see the fake pictures everyone uses of Him.  I don’t believe He really looked like that anyway.  My mother always says He would have looked more Arabic in His features, and more masculine.  My mom also told me there is a verse in Isaiah that says when He came, He would not be a good looking guy. (Sorry, I can’t remember the wording of the verse.)

When I see people who are caring, loving, compassionate, giving, honest, and who aren’t afraid to say His name, I see Jesus.  When I’m upset about something, and someone gives me comfort, I see Jesus.  When I think about what He did for me by giving up His life, and painfully at that, I see Jesus.  When I sin and follow my own heart instead of His, I see Jesus, because I see the pain I am putting Him through by cheating on Him with the devil.  And if He didn’t love me, it wouldn’t hurt Him so bad.

When I see a baby sleeping, or smiling, I see Jesus.  When I see someone give up their life for someone else, or risk their life for another, I see Jesus.

Look around!  Jesus is everywhere!  He’s in the good things, and even in the bad… not that He is responsible for the bad, but He is there to quickly take hold of and lean on when it hurts too much.

Look at the night sky.  Do you see Jesus?  Look at the flowers in Spring.  Do you see Jesus?  Look at the mother who lost her child, and made it through the pain and agony.  Do you see Jesus?  Look at the person helping the cripple across the street.  Do you see Jesus?

I can tell you Jesus is alive and He’s in the midst of everything.  But, I hate to tell you, He’s not the man in the painting.  He’s the man in your heart…the Son of God.  The Holy Spirit.

Sprinting To Be Still.


Does it look like I am missing an arm, or what?

Sometimes 24 hours in a day does not seem like enough.  I go to school, go home and do my homework, do my chores, go to any activities I am supposed to go to, and then go to bed and wake up to the same the next day.

There are times when I feel pressured by everyone to get this done, and get that done, and I get frustrated.  This is a huge problem among teens today.  We get stressed, and since we feel like most adults don’t understand us, we bottle it up inside until we explode.  And, it doesn’t matter what you say, we will keep on feeling that way.  It’s a teen thing I guess we just have to go through!

I think there are days when all of us just need to take a deep breath and reflect on what we’ve done instead of stressing about what we have not done.  The way things are set up, we seem to live our lives in a rush from day to day, moving so fast, we don’t take time to enjoy anything, and we don’t learn the things God might be trying to speak to us because our minds are too full.

Huh.  I wonder if this is what it means in the Bible, “Be still and know that I am God!”  People are so busy doing everything else, and sprinting through life in a buzz, they aren’t hearing God because they’re not being still and meditating on Him, or His Word.

And this is a real problem.  How are we to let Him live our lives for us if we aren’t hearing Him?  Just sayin…

What Would Jesus Do?

I am at the gas station.  I see an elderly man struggling to walk across the snow and ice through the parking lot.  Do I pretend I don’t see him, or offer him help?  What would Jesus do?

I am at school and I witness another kid getting picked on by a person, or group of people.  Do I walk on passed, or offer  help?  What would Jesus do?

I sense someone is depressed or sad.  Do I say nothing at all and ignore them, or show them some love and compassion?  What would Jesus do?

I am aware of a person who never has nice clothes to wear, doesn’t have very much to eat at lunch, and what’s more, they get made fun of.  Do I join in?  Say nothing?  Or act kindly toward them, offering them my friendship, as well as something to eat?  Maybe in the friendship, I can give them some nice clothes to wear.  What would Jesus do?

I know a girl who is pregnant, and she is thinking about abortion.  As a Christian, I know abortion is murder.  Do I say nothing at all, fearful of any confrontation?  Or do I lovingly share the truth of God’s Word about abortion, and offer her any help where I can as she goes through the pregnancy, and even after she has the baby?  What would Jesus do?

I am tired.  It’s been a very long day.  My stomach is growling, and I have things I want to do.  Someone stops and asks me for help.  Should I tell them I don’t have time, or with gladness, put aside my plans and take a moment to help them?  What would Jesus do?

I come across someone who has forgotten their lunch money, and they’re too shy to ask the school, or anyone for help.  Should I just feel bad for them, and go on with my day?  Or should I sacrifice some money, or my lunch, and give to them?  What would Jesus do?

A friend of mine secretly does drugs.  Now she is offering them to me, telling me how great it is and that it’s the coolest thing to do.  Do I give in and try it? Say no thanks, and that’s it?  Or should I tell her no, and explain to her clearly about Jesus Christ and share the good news of His Word with her?  What would Jesus do?

How can I even call myself a follower of Jesus Christ if I do what I WANT TO DO and NOT what Jesus wants me to do?  If in ALL things, I don’t ask, What would Jesus do? Then I can’t say that I truly belong to Him. 

I am His reflection in a world whose only hope is Him!  I am His light in a world of darkness.  I have two choices:  look like the world, or look like Jesus?  I want to look like Jesus!  If I do not tell them, how will they know?

What would Jesus do?